Get your favorite mobileAquarium

The mobileAquarium is the digital revolution. Therefore, we developed three different types you are able to choose from. Benefit of an aquarium without battering about feeding, cleaning nor the death of your charges. Furthmore, the handy design allows you to take the mobileAquarium always with you. It is really easy plug your mobileAquarium into an USB-port and start enjoying.

Decide for yourself which version fits the best. These mobileAquariums will enrich your future life and surrounding.

It is in your hand choose and start trading now.


The mobileAquarium that turns your life into excitement and retrieves you from tedium.
Start your next adventure.


The mobileAquarium that calms your stressed life and returns your inner peace.
Happiness and silence begins here.


The mobileAquarium for each office. Light up your rooms and evolve your businesses.
Succes will be on your side.