Trade is one of the most important actions in human life nowadays. Trading is an interaction between agents that exchange on one side immaterial actions supplied by an agent called services. On the other side mostly physical goods. Services and goods together belong to a process of production, distribution and consumption in order to satisfy human needs. This needs are not necesserly required to survive. Furthermore, do goods underlie the restriction of ressource limitation.

Most of the world societies trade with money. This human theoretical construct decreases transaction costs, stores values and is a measure of values itself. Whatsoever, money is based on belief. As long as each individual trust in monetary values the system of exchange through money works.
But trade is also an implicit way of communication between agents, about their needs and interests.

Over all it can be stated, trade is not just consumption of services and goods and connected to money. Trade influences  human behavior and our society as a way of commmunication amog us.